Past Events and Recordings

We regularly hold webinars and other events on topics related to women, public media, and leadership. When possible, we'll make recordings available here.


Next Gen Fundraising Strategies

November 15, 2017

Today’s donors are not the same as yesterday’s and tomorrow’s donors will be different still. To keep up in an ever-changing fundraising landscape, Public Media needs to leverage new tools and new strategies to find and cultivate donors. This webinar is designed to help you discover the fundraising resources available so you can meet (and hopefully exceed!) your station's current and future fundraising goals.

This forward-thinking webinar covers:
- How to align your business, digital, and development strategies
- How to get buy-in from the top
- Scaling ideas for all station sizes
- How you can start now and build for the future

Speakers: Shane Guiter, Founder and CEO, Public Works
Melanie Coulson, Executive Director for Member Station Services, Greater Public
Amanda Hoehn, Manager, Development Services, Station Relations & Outreach, PBS
Moderator: Carol Sorber, Director, Professional Development, PBS




Strengthen Your Presence: Clarity, Certainty & Unshakeability

September 20, 2017

In this dynamic webinar you’ll be taken on a journey to discover what’s holding you back from being your best self. Join our speaker Cassie Nevitt and learn how to overcome barriers to being articulate, engaged and confident, including: Uncovering your “blind spots” Reviewing what keeps you from attaining the coveted position or project you want to pursue Discovering how lack of confidence or belief in self hold women back from attaining leadership.
[Note: The presentation begins about 8 minutes in after introductions, housekeeping and background on the speaker's entry into public speaking.]


In this dynamic webinar you’ll be taken on a journey to discover what’s holding you back from being your best self. Join our speaker Cassie Nevitt and learn how to overcome barriers to being articulate, engaged and confident, including:     
•    Uncovering your “blind spots”     
•    Reviewing what keeps you from attaining the coveted position or project you want to pursue  
•    Discovering how lack of confidence or belief in self hold women back from attaining leadership

Our Speaker: Cassie Nevitt
Cassie Nevitt is the personal presence expert for conscious women who want to increase their positive impact, but struggle to show up at their best under pressure. When it comes to helping clients develop the presence to speak at the front of the room, ace an interview, or be seen and heard in the boardroom, she’s the industry expert. Cassie is the creator of the Present with Confidence™ trainings, workshops, and coaching, and Momentum, a women’s mastermind community for conscious entrepreneurs. She has more than 6 years of experience teaching The Art of Feminine Presence™ and 10 years teaching strength and confidence through movement.



December 6, 2016

Link to archived webinar recording:

HAND OUT: Stay True to You Tips

SLIDES: More You in Your Holidays

Do you face the holidays and end-of-year feeling like you’re serving two masters: work demands and family expectations?  Do you wish you could manage your time differently at work to allow for the holiday planning and family/friends time you desire?  Are you looking for ideas on how to make change at the office and at home for a more enjoyable season?  Join Amanda Flisher and Deanna Mackey and learn how to focus on what matters in your life, bring your power to the workplace, and separate yourself from the holiday chaos.

Our Speakers:
• Amanda Flisher, Personal & Professional Development Coach
• Deanna Mackey, President & Executive Director, PTMMG


Your Professional Development Part 2
Finding Opportunities Closer to Home

November 2, 2016

Link to archived webinar recording:

Are you looking for professional development opportunities but not sure where to start? This Public Media Women in Leadership webinar will highlight how to develop your personal professional development plan. You'll also hear about non-Public Media opportunities and other local resources to help you develop professionally and build your career toolbox. 

Our Speakers Include: 
• Deanna Mackey, President & Executive Director, PTMMG
• Carol Sorber, Director of Professional Development, PBS
• Consuela Steward, Executive Assistant, KPBS
• Suzanne Marmion, Director of News & Editorial Strategy, KPBS
• Kristina Bravo, Web Producer, KPBS

Your Professional Development
Making the Case to Attend an Industry Conference

September 30, 2016

Link to archived webinar recording:

Do you want to attend an industry conference or webinar but haven’t had the opportunity? This Public Media Women in Leadership webinar will help you “make the ask.” We will focus on: 

• What professional development opportunities are available in public media (primarily conferences and webinars); 
• When they take place, where, and what they cost; and
• How to create a budget and a case for attendance to support the request to your supervisor.  

You'll also hear details about conferences and webinars hosted by: PBS, Greater Public, PRPD, PRNDI, NETA, and PMBA. 

Our Speakers Include: 

Deanna Mackey, President & Executive Director, PTMMG
Carol Sorber, Director of Professional Development, PBS
Jody Evans, President & CEO, Public Radio Program Directors (PRPD)
Melanie Coulson, Director of Member Station Services & Individual Giving  Advisor, Greater Public



Wednesday, August 10th from 5:30PM to 6:30PM
Sheraton Boston Hotel, Republic Ballroom A
Sponsored by CPB
Host: Deanna Mackey
Remarks by Pat Harrison, President and CEO, CPB



July 28, 2016

The Station Management Center (SMC) offers a wealth of data, resources, and tools to help Public Media leaders and professionals make informed strategic decisions. In this webinar, you'll receive a curated experience of this robust website, and learn how to easily access key data about your station and stations across the system. The site also offers information about the ongoing Spectrum Auction, successful projects in the system and how to replicate them, management-centered tools and tips, and much more!
If you haven't already, be sure to request access and create a login for the Station Management Center at

Presenter: Stephen M. Holmes
Senior Director, Strategy & Insight at PBS
Stephen manages a variety of activities to help increase the effectiveness of PBS and public media. He develops knowledge management practices and tools, provides critical insight to public media leaders, and leads initiatives such as the Station Management Center that helps connect station managers to valuable local and national information.


Effective Feedback Strategies

June 30, 2016

Have you ever provided difficult feedback and afterward thought, “That didn’t go so well?” Or, coached others to do so? If your role includes providing feedback, conducting difficult conversations and/or supporting others in doing so, then this webinar is for you. We focus on simple yet powerful tools to help you work through those tough conversations. We discuss:

  • Tips for building a robust culture of giving and receiving feedback
  • When feedback doesn't work: deciding to have a difficult conversation
  • Difficult conversation model
  • Preparing for the conversation
  • The power of questioning and listening to identify solutions
  • Handling defensiveness, denial and deflection

Presented by Carole Dickert-Scherr, Vice President, Human Resources, PBS, and Carla Anderson, Director of Human Resources, Broadcasting and Media Innovations


Speaking While Female - Strategies to Be Heard While Overcoming Unconscious Bias and Cultural Assumptions

May 26, 2016

For women today, speaking up in the workplace can be like walking a tightrope. Claiming a seat at the table and voicing ideas can be challenging, but are expected of leaders, regardless of gender. If you are too timid you won’t be heard, but statistics show that women who do speak up are often judged as too aggressive. Men and women can combat these stereotypes by learning which communication styles work best with different personality types and how to not use or be manipulated by mansplaining and manterrupting. In this session we examine how these behaviors and attitudes undermine the impact of women at work. We offer practical suggestions for how leaders can ensure all employees’ ideas are considered. And, we engage with our webinar audiences throughout the session via live polling.

Our Speakers:
Deanna Mackey, PTMMG
Colleen Wilson, KQED
Max Duke, PBS
Lynne Pollard, PMWL


PBS Annual Meeting:
Public Media Women in Leadership Conversation Circle
May 18, 3:25PM–4:25PM

PMWL is considering starting a Lean In Circle and to give it a try, we're hosting an open table conversation using Connection Cards to jump start a conversation about women's roles in public media and get to know each other better. Join us to network with women in our industry and share your questions and experiences on how to grow both your career and personal life.

Social Hour
May 16, 5-6PM
Chi Bar, Sheraton Grand Chicago


Mentoring Matters!
Discussion with First Round of PMWL Mentors & Mentees

April 28, 3:00 - 4:00PM

We all need someone to help guide us through our professional development. Finding a mentor, or offering your time to mentor someone, can be a rewarding experience for all involved. Join us for a high level conversation about what mentorship means and why we all need it for the rest of our professional lives! Our first round of PMWL mentors/mentees  will address specific, big picture questions all while sharing their own recent mentorship experience.

Topics include:
    •    Why we want and need mentors
    •    How to be both a mentor and mentee
    •    How to approach a potential mentor
    •    Realistic expectations for a mentoring relationship
Be sure to check out this Forbes article on common mentoring myths.

Our Panel:

Kristin Calhoun
Former Executive Director, Public Media Platform, Inc.

Latricia Huston
Development Director, WRKF

Kimberlie Kranich
Director of Community Content & Engagement, Illinois Public Media

Joyce MacDonald
VP of Journalism, CPB

Andi McDaniel
Senior Director, Content & News, WAMU Public Radio

Alisa Miller
CEO, Public Radio International

Teresa Peltier
Director, Digital Strategy & Organizational Planning, WSKG Public Media

Lynne Pollard
Former VP of New Media, OPB

Sara Robertson
VP of Production & Technology, KLRU-TV, Austin PBS

Jennifer Strachan
Public Media Consultant